It is my passion to support people in living more fulfilled lives
by reconnecting with their spirit through loving self-awareness.

I'm Claire Porter, certified holistic health coach.  Helping others through coaching is one of my gifts.  Bilancia is an old, Latin word for balance.  We are at all times striving to maintain balance because our natural state is that of harmony, equilibrium.  When we’re not balanced, we’re not in alignment - and when we’re not in alignment, the journey is rougher than necessary.  

As a holistic coach, I am very interested in the intricacies of what makes us each individual and yet so connected.  I learn a lot from my clients - what comes up in sessions, what is mirrored to me - and at the end of the day, I mostly feel as benefited by time with clients as hopefully they do.  I'm an analytical, creative, curious human.  Critical thinking and attention to detail are major facets of my functionality.  In sessions, I pair these strong analytic skills and my high intuition to offer empathetic feedback and logical suggestions. With a conviction that all areas of our experience are interconnected, I ask insightful questions to provide a different point of view, a way of seeing the whole picture, deeply, from another perspective.  Key components I practice, personally and in coaching, are energetics, the law of attraction, and acting from inspiration.  There is such value in feeling good.

Most recent self-work I've been doing:
- coming from love
- self-love
- seeing each of God's humans as his creation living out their life experiences and accepting that we're all doing the best we can at the moment
- recognizing what now means
- emotional-familiarity

...and just as you have, I have many layers to traverse.  A lot of the work I've done for years and years shows back up in different but familiar manifestations, and, when I'm “on it”, I'm polishing ever more clearly each go.  Like one of my Transcendental Meditation teachers once put it at a retreat for several seasoned meditators:  you may have heard some of this before, but since we're always evolving, you'll be hearing it with new ears.
C'est la vie!

Photograph of Claire Porter, holistic coach and founder of Bilancia