When you decide you want change, a new perspective is often very challenging to achieve on your own.  Bilancia holistic coaching is about overcoming personal patterns that hold you back, first by assisting in your awareness of these patterns.  Coaching sessions are about deliberate focus on bettering yourself - whether you're in the middle of new, challenging experiences or you're finally ready to process old, challenging experiences.

We all need help sometimes.

Coaching helps you show up for yourself.
Be reminded of the satisfaction from committing to yourself.
Realize the growth for which a deep part of you yearns.


Working  together I  can  help  you  experience: 

  • a  greater  sense  of  well-being: alignment, fulfillment, joy
  • deeper  connection  to  yourself  and  heightened  intuition
  • healing  from  past  wounds
  • ability  to  move  through  grief/loss
  • a  reduction  in  stress
  • improved  energy

Bilancia is for those who:

  • appreciate self-improvment
  • are ready to grow, if even uncomfortable at times, and feel empowered by growth
  • believe we are here to enjoy God's creation and lead happy, healthy, fulfilled lives
  • interpret self-knowledge as strength
  • can admit there might be a better way to do things
  • take responsibility for their feelings and choices
  • desire a personal awakening and the lessons always presenting themselves


    Coaching sessions are work.  And the unfolding from the work extends after our session into the next, and for time to come if you're open to it.  Your progress is largely determined by how open you allow yourself to be - open in mind, heart, and spirit.  Aligned coaching continues to expand and awaken past our physical time together.  
    It is my pleasure to offer sessions 100% focused on you, the challenges you're experiencing, and the desires you'd like to realize.