“I recently went through a huge change in my life that left me in a place I thought I would never be. I reached out to Claire for some kind of guidance on becoming more in tune with my true self and and a chance to grasp everything that life had to fully offer. Never doing a session like this I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with the uplifting outcomes. Life has a way of pushing you in ways you never thought could happen. Through her advice and conversations I have moved past so many obstacles and learned techniques of living that I will cherish forever. Claire's outlook on our own journeys is truly inspiring. There are so many distractions out there that can make you question your own purpose, but as long as you are in tune with yourself you are not alone. I am so incredibly grateful for Claire coming into my life when she did. I have learned more about myself and changed my perspective on things for the better. I will continue to walk this path of life with more love, openness, and mindfulness because of Claire. Thank you, I  am forever grateful!”

"Are you looking for a change of lens? A shift in your perspective? Looking to fix yourself? Want to really look within? Find your TRUE North? Sometimes we need guidance in how to do this.... how to tune in to our own true nature.... a compass per se.... opinions and advice from friends and acquaintances can be as confusing and different as they are.... Claire Porter, Certified Holistic Health Coach, can provide this guidance for you. She is trained in guiding her clients to discover their own innate wisdom and inspiration to better navigate life’s challenges by cultivating one’s own best self. Claire has been not only a “true friend” for me but a fundamental guide in helping me find my true “best self”, steering me on a path of wholeness, happiness and fullness. She has tuned me into “me” so that I can be responsible for my own happiness and wholeness. Happiness comes from within, they say, and we must fill our own cups to overflowing with these positive qualities in order to be the best person, wife, mother, friend etc. that we can possible be. Claire gives superb guidance for this personal transformation. I highly recommend her coaching services and competent guidance to self awareness and personal guidance to “Be your Best You!” Look within with the guidance of a true and mindful coach, Claire Porter CHHC. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates"


"Claire came into my chaotic, stressful life and guided me to understanding what I truly want and what makes my heart sing. She listened intently each session to my thoughts, fears, dreams and helped me to find balance once again in my life. I've learned how to listen and love myself, and for the first time, in a long time, I can feel God's presence. Claire is incredibly gifted at her work, I'm so grateful for her."


"During the past several years, I struggled with an unhealthy relationship that paralyzed me physically, mentally, and spiritually.   I sought counsel, talked to close friends, and prayed day in and day out with no reconciliation or relief in sight. 
I learned about Claire through a friend's Facebook posting and contacted her without hesitation.  This was so out of my character since I am a very private person and don't feel comfortable talking to strangers.  After speaking  with Claire on the telephone I agreed to meet with her.  After the initial meeting I knew this was my answer to prayer.  I felt like I had known Claire all my life and she was someone I could trust with all my anxiety and confusion.
After working together for several months, I began to discover my genuine self.  My intuition returned and I could feel God again.  I noticed I laughed more, had more energy, and my physical ailments had all disappeared.  I felt free for the first time in a very long time.  I worked through letting go of past hurts and pains and gained insight on how to deal with my difficult relationship.  I have also learned that I needed to maintain balance in my life as not to steal joy from my friends and family.
I am truly grateful to Claire for her guidance and support and would recommend her to anyone seeking more balance and happiness in life.  Meeting Claire was one of the best decisions I had made in a very long time.  Thank you Claire."


"Bilancia sessions provided such a warm and supportive place for sharing my deepest feelings and most intimate thoughts. Things in my life felt unorganized and I had no structure to what I was doing. I had a general idea but needed to fine-tune the details so I can truly move ahead. While my original reason for working with Claire was to get clarity on what I wanted for my professional life, her influence has also helped me personally. Before, I always felt obligated to say "yes" to whatever was asked of me and honestly never put thought to whether I WANTED to do those things or not. That mindset led me to being spread too thin with no solid direction in my career, personal relationships, and even my physical well-being. 
Because of Claire my personal life and inner-self changed for the better in so many ways! She is inspiring, kind-hearted, and a wonderful guide. She is a coach that truly cares about her clients. If you are thinking about reaching out to her stop thinking and just do it! You'll be so grateful you did. I know I am. Life since Claire is more fun, more clear, and more aligned than before."


"Claire is a caring and insightful coach. Her gentle guidance helped me to see myself more clearly and start taking responsibility for my life. After encountering personal roadblocks that I couldn’t seem to overcome, I found Claire’s coaching to be exactly what I needed to move forward into my life with a renewed sense of self and passion for living. I continue to work with Claire and she continues to bring her acute intuition and humor to every session. "


"Claire customized a rewarding six-month program for me to meet my mental and physical health goals. After emerging from a period of life studded with recurring health issues, I found Claire's program to be refreshing, as she made insightful links between the challenges I faced with reclaiming my health and leading a more mindful lifestyle than I had had up to the start of the program.
Having completed the program that she designed for me, I am able to now see more clearly the root of the health issues I faced and developed techniques and strategies to continue seeing good gains on the life I want to live. I've made a lot of progress with her to regulate my diet as I prefer it to be; I've seen huge improvements to my sleeping patterns and mental outlook, as well as gained a wealth of insight on what soothes me, fulfills my needs, and motivates me to continue.
I'd recommend her to anyone who desires a more mindful approach to conducting their life; this isn't a 'nutrition' program, but a program to create a holistic approach to living life that showed me real results."


"I think one quality that set Claire apart was her perceptiveness. She listened deeply to me and intuited not only a path I could take physically (which came from her extensive knowledge in her field) but she also offered a new way of looking at things that ultimately helped me move towards my ideal state of health; which is both physical vitality and peace of mind. Claire's generosity of spirit and compassion are qualities I look for in anyone who assists me in creating the life that I want. I would highly recommend Claire if you are on the path of healing and becoming whole."