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It may not feel like it right now, but heartache has the potential to be truly transformational. It is raw and fragile; and it’s also very fertile. I’d like to extend my hand and help you navigate the waves of intense emotions during heartache. I’d like to help you bloom to your next level, where this crushingly consuming experience is aiming to push you.

Whether you are experiencing heartbreak, divorce, or a failing relationship, I created this course to hold the space for you in your time of feeling

You’re here because your heart aches

Maybe you’re coming out of a breakup or you’re distressed within your current romantic relationship.  Perhaps, you’re grieving a loved one or a past relationship.  Your heart is broken and you feel deep loneliness, you are confused and questioning everything, sometimes you’re questioning your sanity and identity.  You don’t know what to do, where to go, how to ease the aches and pains in your heart.  You want for someone to be here with you, for you.  And the person you want to run to the most is the person who has you feeling these ways in the first place. 

I’m here for you.  I designed this course to help you traverse your heartache.

The Course: a guide through heart-ache

This course is made up of online accessible modules + over-the-phone private coaching sessions. The modules are prerecorded audio files full of guidance and techniques to help in your time of heartache now and to help you move out of it gracefully and consciously. Our private phone sessions with each other allow me to go into personalized coaching for your particular pains and specific struggles. You will schedule the calls as you choose. Once you start the course, I suggest going ahead and scheduling your first of three calls. In the meantime, you can begin with the audios and with the assignments at your own pace - dive right in, right now. Start on your journey of healing.

  • (3) Coaching Sessions: 40-minute private phone coaching sessions, recorded and sent to you

  • Instant Access to all Downloadable Audio Modules covering topics such as:

    • what feeling your feelings feels like

    • acceptance

    • self-insight

    • living for yourself

    • how to let go and move on

    • self-responsibility

    • processing your negativity and learning how to fill-in with positivity

    • taking back control of your life

  • PDF Workbook to help you follow through with assignments

  • Meditations: heart healing, sleep guide

This healing from heartache course is based on my own experiences and those of my clients.  The journey out of heartache is a journey back to yourself; in this course, I guide you in reawakening your intuition and rediscovering your relationship with you. It is thorough, real, and truly a holistic solution – much of what you will learn from the course can be applied to other areas of your life.  Filled with concepts, exercises, meditations, and coaching, this course sets out to repair the faded fibers of self-empowerment, self-value, and self-trust. And the content doesn’t fad out – is always current, which is great because the course content is yours forever.

You must be willing to commit — to yourself; dedicated to feeling better. Walling up is the easiest method of protection, the easiest defense to all these emotions flying around that make you feel crazy at times. But when we use denial or avoidance as a coping mechanism, we don’t actually digest and process the experience. There is no specific timeline in healing from heartache, but my intention is that your heart is healed during this course. Doing the work is up to you. This course offers a no-waiting solution for diving into that work. You can return to the teachings offered over and over, now and later. Your assimilation is up to your individual circumstances, but I am here with you along the way - through the prepared course content and during the included one-on-one calls. It is my guarantee that if you participate in this course with genuine intention and effort, you will experience emotional and energetic transformations that you can only dream of right now. Because, as it is right now, how do you feel when asked this question:

How is your heart?

To begin, you have options. You can either get started right away by paying now, below. This option is best for someone who is decisive about starting the journey as soon as possible. You’ll be able to begin with the recorded lessons and meditations immediately.

Or, if you have questions and want to discuss this course before you decide to dive in, you can email those or we can schedule a complimentary call. Be sure to provide your telephone number and we’ll hop on the phone.

Enroll now:

Get started right now by either paying in full or split payments. Once payment is processed, you’ll be sent a password to access the modules and begin. You’ll be instructed on how to schedule your first 1:1 call with me - make it first thing or set it for a later time - up to you.

Payment Options:

*If choosing split payment, balance must be paid within 30 days of first payment.
All three coaching calls must be completed within 45 days of initial payment (full or split).

If you don’t connect with heartache at the moment but do seek coaching, please email me or call now (229-329-3088) to learn about my other packages and ways we can work together. It is my pleasure to offer coaching sessions 100% focused on you, the challenges you're experiencing, and the desires you'd like to realize.

Photograph of Claire Porter, holistic coach and founder of Bilancia

About me

My name is Claire Porter.  I am a certified holistic health coach.  My passion with coaching is to help people reconnect with their spirit.  In addition to coaching, I am a certified yoga instructor.  I come from a place of creativity, curiosity, and analysis, with a practice of inspiration, law of attraction, and energetics. Click to learn more about me.


Excerpts from clients' testimonials

"I recently went through a breakup that left me in a place I thought I would never be. I reached out to Claire for some kind of guidance on becoming more in tune with my true self and a chance to grasp everything that life had to fully offer. …Through her advice and conversations I have moved past so many obstacles and learned techniques of living that I will cherish forever. Claire's outlook on our own journeys is truly inspiring. There are so many distractions out there that can make you questions your own purpose, but as long as you are in tune with yourself you are not alone. I am so incredibly grateful for Claire coming into my life when she did. I have learned more about myself and changed my perspective on things for the better. I will continue to walk this path of life with more love, openness, and mindfulness because of Claire. Thank you, I  am forever grateful!”

“She helped me to find balance once again in my life.  I've learned how to listen and love myself, and for the first time, in a long time, I can feel God's presence.  Claire is incredibly gifted at her work, I'm so grateful for her."

"I found Claire’s coaching to be exactly what I needed to move forward into my life with a renewed sense of self and passion for living."